Acute Pain vs. Chronic Pain. When the Doctor is Now the Patient- Ouch!

Episode #185

There are two types of pain, acute pain, and chronic pain- in the broad sense. We can break them down, but there is acute pain, and chronic pain that finds us with our story today. Acute pain happens chronically, and chronic pain happens acutely. We are going to walk through both of these processes, and I will chronicle them real-time. Question. Who is the worst patient? Answer. A physician. Who is the second worst patient. A physician. Well, here we are, a day-to-day portrayal of a traumatic fracture to yours truly, at the proximal head of the humerus, and the adventures that lay ahead. Probably “adventure” is a horrible word, as I’m sure we shall see. I'm going to let you know how we do as a family. That's of course my immediate family, my patient family, dear employees, and those that are affected around the very active individual whom has great difficulty pondering " doc,take it easy"(me). I have responsibilities, to my patients and the community, so I'm going to figure this out. Physician heal thyself. Actually, it takes a team. I am going to be compliant and follow my doctor's orders. We’ll talk it up as we go through the next few weeks, and I'm sure it will be interesting…..