Dr. Swicegood

In this episode Dr. Swicegood, our common sense editor, reveals the importance of wellness and a therapeutic treatment plan. Often overlooked, wellness can be just as important as any strategy to afford a relief of pain. Dr. Swicegood brings his unique experience and credentials through the pain information network, and provides us with a down to earth point of view. 


Dr. Swicegood is Board Certified in Anesthesia and Pain. He is a member of the Board of Directors of American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. 

Dr. Swicegood attended Texas A&M for undergraduate Bachelor of Science. He did postgraduate training at University of Texas School of Pharmacy and went onto medical school at the University of Texas in Antonio. Dr. Swicegood trained in trauma surgery for one year then transferred into anesthesiology sub-specializing in pain management. He then did a fellowship in interventional pain practice. He is certified by the World Institute of Pain and the American Board of Interventional Pain Practice.