Welcome to pain information.com.  You have found a site where patient's suffering from pain and experts in treating these patients meet.  A mission of this page is to present a balanced and well-rounded presentation of information, techniques, and individuals that benefit from the techniques and technology available today.  The information is real.  Every attempt is made to be accurate, and evidence-based.  Contents will be added regularly, so visit often, and we appreciate your constructive thoughts to help this page grow  with rich and rewarding information.

The principal editors this page are experienced pain practitioners, Board certified, and actively practicing.  This site represents decades of experience, and a broad brush stroke of the techniques and philosophies that we use everyday to fight pain.  Pain is a subjective interpretation often associated with a disease state, and at times from the unknown.  Most people that suffer from pain, also have comorbid problems such as addiction and depression.  This will be discussed within the context of help, and not of a presumed failed moral fiber.  This is a place to find thoughts, hopefully answers, and ultimately, a better quality of life.